Classic steel frame

Frames made of steel, the traditional classic steel profile for years, the stately appearance and character of certain old factories, churches and offices. The old-fashioned, slender frames were the image of the architecture in the period 1920 to 1965.

Famous architects such as Dudok, Duiker and Rietveld made in the Bauhaus

period successfully used.

In recent years, demand for this classic but timeless ‘chair’ profile again. By renovation and industrial re-use. But also on the private housing market is increasingly being chosen for the minimalist, industrial look of stately and ancient seat profile.

Different Windows

Different Windows provides the elegant steel frames of the past with the expertise and quality now. Different Windows specializes in quality greatly improved seat profile. Thanks to the innovative approach of adjustable hinges the frames are easily and quickly mounted. In addition, the frames are highly insulating, burglar- and fire resistant. Moreover, they are virtually maintenance free, making the frames are more durable. Different Windows-frames are available in all shapes and sizes, with options for insulating glass and laminated glass,

serving both indoor and outdoor work and also to perform as a wall or door.The frames are drought-resistant and corrosion is excluded because the first is galvanized steel and coated in a high quality 2-component coating.

Whatever form you choose, the Different windows frames all have the same slim profile like no other frame maximum light yield.

In short: a wonderful old classic with a perfect new look.

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